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Next spring, the bakery, confectionery and HoReCa industry will once again be in the spotlight at GastroPan 2025. This landmark event, now in its new edition, will take place in a vibrant setting, bringing together specialists, entrepreneurs and innovators from all over world.

With a rich and diverse program, GastroPan 2025 promises to be an essential platform for exploring the latest industry trends, technologies and solutions. From new and original tastes to modern reinterpretations of classic traditions, the exhibition will give attendees the opportunity to discover and discuss the innovations that will shape the future of this dynamic sector. In addition, contemporary challenges such as sustainability, digitization and adaptation to new economic realities will be addressed, ensuring that GastroPan 2025 will not only be a meeting place, but also a source of inspiration and progress for all involved.


GastroPan 2024 met the demands and expectations of visitors and exhibitors, as GastroPan represented a meeting point to form new and lasting collaborations, the editions so far being some of success due to its professional, B2B type character. Many exhibitors have specified that GastroPan managed to bring in new customers and that they arrived to the target groups of visitors through the exhibition emphasizing that the exhibition met their expectations, especially in terms of connecting with international visitors.

A new and innovative taste, classic traditions reinterpreted through modernism, artisan bakery and baguettes with novel ingredients – these are just some of the trends that were presented and debated at the exhibition this year. In addition, solutions to some of the latest challenges in the profile industry were addressed: rising raw material prices, inflation, production methods, rising electricity costs – all of which have been, and will continue to be, topics of discussion at GastroPan.

The event includes success stories, talks, presentations and live cooking demonstrations, where visitors find solutions to the latest problems: ingredients (raw materials, ingredients, dyes, flavors, yeasts etc.), environmental concerns, labor shortages (recruitment, training, vocation, loyalty), digitization (robots, artificial intelligence, specific software for each technological stage). For 3 days, specialists and entrepreneurs, professional associations and patronages, nationally and internationally recognized bakers, confectioners and chefs participate in the event to celebrate the bakery, confectionery and HoReCa industry.

We will present to you the products and services exhibited at the GastroPan 2024 stands:


Other machines from BILANCIA were also presented, such as versatile electric ovens of large and small sizes that can be used in small spaces, kilns that can also work hot. The UNOX ovens that appeared at the end of 2023 were exhibited at stands that use microwaves and internal washing, being unique at this time on the market, but also pizza ovens with two chambers (one for pastry, the other for pizza) being a versatile oven with touchscreen panel, integrated with the latest technology in the field. The electric wood oven was another attraction for the pizzeria industry which is the number 1 model for Moretti Forni due to the lack of wood, soot and handling presented to GastroPan visitors.

The Robotqo processing machine from Techno G is a universal processing equipment because it can process different products and ingredients. It is essentially a cutter that has added other features such as being able to work under pressure and under vacuum ensuring a maintained quality of the ingredients, a natural and prominent color. Due to the fact that it works under vacuum, more precisely, the air is extracted from the vat, the processing time is shortened significantly, as in a live demonstration, 3 kg of jam was obtained in just 11 minutes.

INOVEN ovens were presented at the exhibition exclusively by PRO CUCINA, being ovens for bakery and confectionery with convection, hearth, rotary, but also columns that combine the types listed with a 20-year guarantee and specialized maintenance services.

Among the machinery and equipment from BAKERY EQUIPMENT for bakeries, patisseries and confectioneries, there was also the PIDAM Italy cookie machine which is intended for the production of cookies, biscuits, sponge cake, macarons meeting European and American standards, and thanks to these standards, an among the requirements is compliance with the weight. That is why the machine has a width of 40 cm compared to other machines with a width of 60 cm which do not fully respect the weight of the products.


Operators in the HoReCa industry have had access to modern solutions and concepts that can be implemented very easily in their own businesses, and one of them was the 9 m2 concept brought by TRUS HORECA SERVICES that contains a combined warm showcase (for sandwiches with heating upper and lower) and cold (for drinks) or cold with cold, in the middle of the showcases there is a neutral space for the cash register, chopper or other serving needs and in the back there are coffee and snackjet machines for preparing sandwiches.

Another manufacturer of flexible and mobile solutions for the HoReCa industry that can be implemented regardless of location with coffee equipment concepts – FRESCO – has also specially brought other solutions for bakery, pastry and confectionery industries. The most important aspect of the exhibiting company was that they are in the market with consulting services, professional design and a service network of national coverage.

Other machines and equipment for HoReCa were represented by MDL exhibitor for reducing personnel costs and increased productivity including rapid ovens or vertical ovens with convention, meat maturing showcases that control the microclimate automatically, without human error and a special design so that the quality product to be as good as possible, coal ovens that are more and more in demand on the steak side.


In addition to flavors and tastes, an innovation that attracted a lot of visitors’ eyes was the IFI rotating showcase brought by GELARTE, which is a model launched in January 2024 with the specific feature of rotating the bottles, but also the fact that it works with the help of sensors, more exactly, it takes a magician to operate. It catches the public very well because, working with the sensors, it offers a much more beautiful visual – the display case rotates and when the glass is raised for serving, the sensors receive the movement and the display case stops or starts until the desired vessel is reached.


For sweet products, TINAROM came to present its newest and interesting flavors such as red velvet sets (dye and flavors), biscuit salami flavors, savarine flavors, muffins and sponge cake.

Another trend is represented by vegan options, with products such as pea roast, soy tofu produced in Romania, vegan steak, Asian tofu, tofu with basil and other products with a high protein content that customers are increasingly asking for, being displayed and tasted moreover, present at the VEGAN HARMONY stand.


Other packaging services and products were represented by GAMMA PRINT offering the possibility of digital customization of packaging without a minimum print run in a very short time, but also labeling solutions for products and the production process.

Those from BOX ELYTE presented themselves with 100% recyclable, laminated and biodegradable packaging for all bakery, pastry and confectionery products.


Pizzeria accessories and utensils were presented by TECHSIM, namely a complete range of pizza paddles along with the largest range of thermal bags for delivery in Romania. There were machines for filtering the oil, one being even a revolutionary and green product that increases the life of the oil up to 50% saving money and time for restaurants.

MICROCAT presented the bioactivators, the solutions dedicated to the maintenance of sewage systems, more precisely, those that break down the accumulation of fats, oils and other compounds, which lead to clogging or blocking the drain of the system.

Another plus was represented by the wide range of cold-pressed oils (pumpkin, sunflower, grape seed) represented by GASTROMOOD which are dedicated to the HoReCa industry and are recommended due to the special taste offered, but also the beneficial nutritional values.

There were also matured cow’s milk cheeses according to Swiss recipes that could be tasted by the visitors. Among the novelties was Raclette cheese aged 12 months, Tilsit, Trapista, kneaded cheese and many others being tasted at the ARKÄSE.

GastroPan 2025 proposes a program focused on responsibility, modernism, safety and evolution. In discussions between exhibitors and visitors, top specialists will address major current topics, especially regarding the environment: artisanal and local know-how, sourcing of raw materials, eco-responsibility and reuse of food by-products. They will also focus on classic topics such as recipes and technological methods, natural products, organic farming and local products.


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