Target Group

The subscribers’ database includes over 12,400 specialists, managers, entrepreneurs and other decision-makers in the following industries: hospitality, food, HoReCa, coffee/tea, gastronomy, ice cream, retail. Since the Romanian economy is continuously evolving, we are updating our database on a daily basis, adding newly founded companies and removing those companies that no longer work in these fields or have ceased their activity. Adding new companies to the database is done through using filters that allow both an objective selection of new entries and keeping the subscribers’ database relevant to the published information.

The printed magazine is published once in each two months and is distributed to a database of more than 12,400 specialists and decision-makers; the studies conducted among them show that each copy is averagely read by 4 people, raising the magazine’s media exposure up to about 49,600 people. Additionally, the magazine’s digital edition is sent to a database that exceeds 21,800 subscribers, increasing even more the exposure of articles, products and services in the magazine.


GASTROMEDIA is a B2B publication dedicated to the Romanian food industry, with an experience of over 17 years in serving the catering, HoReCa, coffee / tea, gastronomy, ice cream, retail industries. Through its specialized content, supported projects and organized events, Gastromedia magazine represents a bridge between the demand and supply present on this market, offering its real partners opportunities to grow their business.


IDEAS, SOLUTIONS and TECHNOLOGIES for specialists and entrepreneurs in the field


OPERATORS on the market with SUPPLIERS of ingredients, equipment and services


EFFICIENT ADVERTISING for SUPPLIERS on the market, reaching the target audience


The more than 12,400 print copies that are sent to the subscribers database reach all counties of Romania, from small B&Bs and motels, bars, pizzerias, fast-foods, bistros and coffee shops to bigger restaurants, hotels, event halls, SPA & wellness centers or supermarkets. The distribution respects the economic development of each region and covers the whole country, delivering information and news from all around the world to Romanian specialists. Gastromedia magazine is distributed via the Romanian Post to all companies that have passed the selection filters and entered the database.


Gastromedia magazine provides HoReCa units and other production units the following information: industry news, specialty articles, articles about technology and recipes, offers from suppliers of innovative equipment and ingredients.

The link between the experts studying the targeted fields and the operators of these markets is provided through the technical journal. Operators have access to information coming from university lecturers and researchers, as well as from factories that have research centers and product research and development departments, laboratories and departments specialized in carrying out market researches and studies.

The digital edition of the magazine makes its content more accessible, readers having the opportunity to browse the magazine directly from their mobile phone or tablet anywhere.

The advantages and benefits of suppliers choosing to promote their products on the pages of Gastromedia magazine are those that have opened and kept partnerships for nearly two decades with the main suppliers in Romania and abroad.

What are the advantages of promoting your business in Gastromedia magazine?

  • It offers an excellent direct communication channel with thousands of specialists in the hospitality, food, HoReCa, coffee/tea, gastronomy, ice cream, retail industries.
  • It has a database with readers who are interested in both the specialized content of the magazine and the products advertised by the suppliers and producers.
  • The specialists of the editorial team have the experience to support you in building a communication strategy that brings you maximum benefits.
  • Experienced designers and copywriters who can create your advertisement materials, upon request.
  • Distribution and promotion of the magazine at the most important national and international events, thus increasing the exposure of the advertisements published in the magazine (besides subscribers and abroad).
  • Distribution of the magazine at the training courses organized by PanGastRo Association, at which hundreds of chefs, confectioners, bakers and pastry chefs participate in order to improve the products and services offered to consumers.
  • The digital edition of the magazine, which is sent to 21,800 subscribers, makes its content more accessible, readers having the opportunity to browse the magazine directly from their mobile phone or tablet anywhere.

Why choose us?

  • We have over 17 years of experience in serving the hospitality, food, HoReCa, coffee/tea, gastronomy, ice cream, retail industries.
  • The specialized content of the magazine, articles and studies are written by specialists from universities and research centers in Romania and abroad.
  • We have partnerships with the most important Romanian and foreign professional associations and universities in Romania.
  • We have expertise and direct market connections gained through GastroPan international exhibition, as a co-organizer of the event.
  • The subscribers’ database of the print magazine is updated daily by adding new entries and eliminating those companies which have ceased or changed their activity.
  • The database of online subscribers who have access to the digital magazine are regularly informed about the news in the industry – through the newsletter service.
  • We have strategic partnership with the Association of Specialists in the Romanian Baking and Food Service Industry – PanGastRo – as regards organizing intensive training courses for pastry chefs, confectioners, bakers and chefs.