The food revolves around… meat

Estimated at around 2 billion euro/year, the Romanian HoReCa market is a fast growing one, attracting investors and entrepreneurs all around the world, both for the profitable business and for the diversity of solutions that can be implemented.

Gastronomy is now in the spotlight, consumers being increasingly aware of the importance of healthy food, proper processing and sustainability. From fast-food to five star restaurants, all successful products must pass the test of popularity, nutrition and freshness. Not necessarily in this order.

Although the vegan trend is gaining more and more followers, meat remains the foundation of the food industry, with an ever growing range of products and solutions. And the HoReCa segment, with its recent developement and association to other domains, makes no exceptions to this rule, meat being an important line of business for HoReCa players.

Moreover, restaurants are always opened to innovative solutions and new products – to the advantage of producers and distributors and, of course, of the consumers. The competition between chefs for the most tasty and popular dishes starts at the battle for the best suppliers.

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