14-16 March 2024 – Thursday, Friday, Saturday – the international GastroPan exhibition where thousands of specialists, entrepreneurs, businessmen will meet to discuss the latest global trends in the bakery, pastry, confectionery, ice cream, chocolate, milling and HoReca industries. Visitors will see, experience and communicate with manufacturers and suppliers of solutions, technologies, machinery, equipment, raw materials and ingredients and much more, suitable for their own business, whether it is just starting out or has been on the market for decades, this means that the exhibition is suitable for each of us.

Save the date: GastroPan – 14-16 March 2024!

The largest and most important trade show for the bakery and confectionery industry is in the early stages of organizing to offer those in the industry a friendly, welcoming and safe place to meet, but one thing is certain: 14-16 March 2024 will bring together bakery, confectionery and HoReCa industry. GastroPan invites specialists in the field to meet again to learn about the latest global innovations, new and innovative trends, form new connections and contacts, present new products and transfer new knowledge in a wide range – all in one place.

The exhibition meets the requirements and expectations of visitors and exhibitors, as GastroPan represents a perfect meeting place to form new and lasting collaborations, the editions so far being successful due to its professional character, B2B type, where visitors found solutions and technologies strictly for their fields of activity. Many exhibitors specified that GastroPan was able to bring in new customers and that they reached target groups of visitors through the exhibition stressing that the exhibition met their expectations, especially for connecting with international visitors.




New topics discussed at GastroPan 2024

New and innovative taste, classic traditions exposed through the prism of modernism, artisanal bakery and baguettes with never-before-seen ingredients – these are just some of the trends that will be exhibited and discussed during the exhibition. In addition, solutions to some of the latest challenges in the profile industry will be presented: rising prices for raw materials, inflation, production methods, freezing, rising electricity prices – all of which are topics addressed at GastroPan 2024.

Success stories, talks, presentations, live cooking demonstrations, where visitors will find answers to the latest issues: ingredients (seeds, raw materials, yeasts), environmental concerns, labor shortages (recruitment, training, vocation, loyalty), digitization (robots, artificial intelligence, specific software for each technological stage). For 3 days, specialists and entrepreneurs, associations and professional patronages, nationally and internationally recognized bakers, confectioners and chefs will participate at the event to celebrate the bakery, confectionery and HoReCa industry.

GastroPan 2024 proposes a program focused on responsibility, modernism, safety and evolution. In discussions between exhibitors and visitors, top specialists will talk about the major topical themes, especially regarding the environment: artisanal and local know-how, raw material sourcing, eco-responsibility and reuse of food by-products. They will also focus on classic topics such as recipes and technological methods, natural products, organic farming, local products.



From technique to innovation, from inspiration to engagement

By investing in equipment, services and products developed by the R&D departments of suppliers in the sector, bakers and pastry chefs will transform the process and offer their customers an increasingly high-quality offer. Indeed, participating at GastroPan means participating in a meeting to face the challenges of rapidly changing markets, where technology increasingly borrow from global trends, in a world permeable to all developments.

The bakery industry is one of the oldest and most valued areas of the food industry. As stable as they are, new technologies and changing consumer demand mean that the ways in which bread and other baked goods are processed and packaged are evolving.

There is also a wider range of bakery products available than any other. Traditional or exotic breads, cakes and snacks have become popular with consumers in recent decades and tastes continue to expand. With all these new products comes the need for customized bakery packaging to meet everyone’s needs. Consumers are looking for sustainable packaging options more than ever, but they are no less attracted to attractive packaging.

GastroPan is the opportunity to explore the innovations in baking, production and packaging machines. It is also a chance to address issues affecting the baking industry today. Meet bakers and confectionery leaders, news associates and business contacts in the sector.

With live cooking demonstrations and shows of the latest production and packaging techniques, it can be seen how the new technology can resolve the challenges about the expiration date of the products, baking trends, environment and health problems, minimalization of waste and other many issues which affect the bakery industry in the coming years. Meeting both requirements while keeping costs low and productions high is a challenge which the bakery industry should make continuously – but all the answers can be found at GastroPan exhibition.

The bakery and confectionery industry introduce the using of innovative ingredients for simplifying the processes and for helping to reduce cost pressure. In addition, more and more manufacturers choose high-efficiency energy-saving professional equipment and intelligent production lines which reduce the productions costs.

The lack of labor in the food industry brings solutions at the exhibition, the best solutions is the automation of the industry. Robots have a positive impact on the occupancy rate. Wherever they are installed, they ensure a constant level of quality and flow of operations.

For satisfying the expectations regarding the authenticity, taste and quality, but also respect for our planet, the bakers, confectioners and chefs have to promote values which help them to stay above the competitions: choosing local products, using the raw materials which are both seasonal and ecological. Also, they have to propose an innovative offer adapted to current trends (healthy, gluten/sugar/lactose-free, local) without neglecting the traditional values which stays at the base of their trade. However, to fully comply with such requirements, producers must also adopt measures to limit food waste for production and sale.


Through the diversity of products and offers offered at different times of the day, bakers and confectioners increase their presence in the lives of consumers. In addition to a wide range of creative snack products, they must also ensure that their locations provide a comfortable environment that consumers will enjoy. Customers are attentive to the services offered and will appreciate digitization, loyalty scheme, commitment to waste reductions. All these practices were presented at GastroPan 2023 during the 3 days of the event and will be presented in a newer version next year as well.

Bakers need to communicate their approach, both in store and further afield, on social media, with solutions being demonstrated at exhibition stands. GastroPan offers professional inspiration and growth suggestions to help bakers, confectioners and chefs for choosing the ideas which are right for them, revising innovative concepts and creating trendy new spaces.

Who should participate at GastroPan 2024?

  • Professionals in the bakery, confectionery and HoReCa industry who are responsible for the purchase of processing, manufacturing and packaging equipment
  • Key manufacturers and suppliers in the sector who want to maximize the resources and minimize the production costs
  • Industry specialists with a focus on packaging sustainability and environmental issues
  • Industry decision makers who want to expand their business connections

Growing and innovation opportunities

  • Viewing the latest machinery growth technology to optimize production speed and efficiency
  • Exploring ecological solutions to preserve the world around and meet customer demand for sustainable production in bakery, confectionery and HoReCa industry
  • Increasing the knowledge of industry trends, key safety measures and industry drivers

Successful meetings between exhibitors and visitors

  • Opportunities, solutions and technologies for business development
  • Live shows, in real time, for the most recent of production and manufacturing technologies which will enable decision makers to fully assess the features and benefits of a range of products
  • Engaging and connecting with industry peers, potential suppliers and future customers.


On you can see more photos about GastroPan 2023. On website and Facebook page of exhibitions and through Brutarul-Cofetarul and Gastromedia magazines, we will keep in touch with all the information regarding the next edition of GastroPan.

For more information and details regarding the ways of participation and promotion prepared by the organizers for suppliers in the field, please contact the organizers at or call 0733 313 043.