GastroPan Exhibition will take place between 11-13 MARCH 2021

Due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic in Romania and other countries, following several consultations held by the organizers with exhibitors, visitors and partners, GastroPan International Exhibition has been postponed and rescheduled to 11-13 MARCH 2021.

The 12th edition of the international GastroPan exhibition would have initially taken place at Expo Arad, Romania, in March, but it was later rescheduled for June, amid the outbreak of the pandemic. Then, due to the restrictions maintained by the Romanian Government on the organization of fairs and exhibitions indoors, as well as the desire to protect both the health of participants and the businesses of exhibitors and visitors, the organizers had to postpone the exhibition again, for the spring of 2021. The exhibition would have gathered more than 150 exhibitors from several countries and thousands of specialist visitors from the baking, confectionery and hospitality sectors in Romania and abroad. All these figures will be kept for the new period.

“It is a situation that we cannot influence and to which we all must adapt. We would like to thank in particular to our exhibitors and our partners for showing understanding during the intense consultations that led to a consensus on the rescheduling of the exhibition. The postponement to spring of next year allows us to maintain the efficiency of the event for the businesses it unites and at the same time gives us the necessary time to minimize the risks brought by the pandemic.”, said Jakab Boróka, the Project Manager of GastroPan.


GastroPan is the most important international exhibition for the bakery, pastry, confectionery, gastronomy, ice cream, coffee and hospitality sectors in South-Eastern Europe. For more details about the event, videos and images from previous editions visit