Expo GastroPan is postponed to a date to be announced in the first part of 2021

Taking into account the purpose of the exhibition and considering the persistence and evolution of the situation caused by the pandemic, as well as due to the legal restrictions and prohibitions in force regarding the organization and unfolding of events, and the desire to protect the health of participants, exhibitors and visitors, it was decided that the best solution for the successful organization of GastroPan exhibition is to postpone the 12th edition of the exhibition, which was initially postponed to take place in March 11-13, 2021. The new date of the exhibition is to be announced.

 The next edition aims to maintain its status of effective B2B event

The goal of the organizers of GastroPan exhibition has always been to create the most efficient B2B platform that offers new possibilities and business opportunities to support the development of the bakery, pastry, confectionery, ice cream, milling and HoReCa businesses. In this sense, the priority of the organizers was and will remain to bring a wide variety of products and technologies, Romanian and international brands for visitors of the exhibition, and to do everything possible for GastroPan to remain a safe event considering the health of participants, but also effective as regards the business interests of exhibitors and visitors.

The organizers would like to thank all the exhibitors, visitors and partners involved for the understanding they have shown in managing this unprecedented situation.


GastroPan will bring solutions for the new post-pandemic era

The next edition of GastroPan exhibition will aim to offer new perspectives and solutions for the future and for the relaunch of the bakery, confectionery and HoReCa businesses. Everybody and every business is gradually adapting to the “new normal”, after the economic crisis generated by the Covid-19 pandemic has settled in. It is a crisis that has profoundly marked the activity of GastroPan’s target businesses. However, as alarming as the situation is, this is also an opportunity to shape the future of the business. And now is perhaps the best time to invest in new business ideas and solutions that serve the changed demands of the new types of consumers.

Organized in compliance with the strictest safety regulations in the context of the pandemic, the exhibition will focus on innovative business solutions that can contribute not only to getting the business out of the crisis, but also to increasing the competitiveness and quality of products and services in the field. Art and technology, talent and passion, suppliers and operators in the bakery, confectionery and HoReCa sector will meet again at the 12th edition of the exhibition, in 2021.


We will keep you updated

Until the beginning of the next edition of the exhibition, we suggest you to visually experience the atmosphere of GastroPan, through the images on this website. For the latest news related to the event, for more photo and video materials from previous editions, as well as for all the details about the solutions and technologies present at the expo, about the contests and demo shows organized, visit www.gastropan.ro or follow us on facebook. The news about the evolution of the situation will be communicated in due time on the official page of the exhibition www.gastropan.ro, as well as through the media channels of the organizers (Brutarul-Cofetarul and Gastromedia magazine sites, Newsletter services, e-mail, etc.).

For more details please contact: 0733 313 043, info@gastropan.ro