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Wednesday, 15 February 2017 13:52

The Bread and the Cake of the Year 2017 will be awarded at GastroPan exhibition in March

Numerous bakers and pastry chefs from all over Romania will enter the competition for awarding the best bread and the tastiest cake at Expo GastroPan. The GastroPan Competitions will take place within the biggest exhibition for the bakery, confectionery, hospitality and food service sectors, March 23rd-25th, 2017, at Redal Expo, in Sibiu city, Romania. Out of the 9 competition categories, the most important both for contestants and the public are the categories awarding the Bread and the Cake of the Year 2017.

Beyond the trophies and prizes offered by the organizers and the sponsors to winners, they will also benefit of a promotion campaign. Also, the recipe of the Cake of the Year will be used in several pastry and cake shops in Romania, thus reaching a large number of customers.

The tastiest cake made of exotic ingredients will be the Cake of the Year 2017

The competition for choosing the best cake of this year challenges contestants to create an innovative cake made of exotic ingredients, having an exquisite and original taste. The theme of this category is Exotic Cakes. The pastry shop that makes the Cake of the Year will benefit of a promotion campaign in mass media. Any pastry shop will have the possibility to bake and sell the winning cake after the exhibition, provided they use the original recipe and the name „Cake of the Year 2017 - GastroPan”.

The best artisan and industrial breads will also be awarded

GastroPan Competitions 2017 will bring back equal chances for both artisan and industrial bakeries, as both will have the opportunity to win the trophy Bread of Year 2017, the competition being divided this year too into two different categories, according to the quantity of bread produced daily and the method of bread production – artisan or industrial. Therefore, both the talented bakers working in smaller producing facilities and the investments in research and development made by industrial producers will be appreciated. Contestants representing industrial bakeries with a minimum daily production of 300 kg of bread will enter the competition for winning the Industrial Bread of the Year 2017 made in Romania, while contestants representing artisan bakeries with a maximum daily production of 100 kg of bread will compete for winning Artisan Bread of the Year 2017 made in Romania. The judges will make a decision based on organoleptic properties (form, aspect, and crumb and crust structure, taste) and the innovative character of the product. The winners will benefit of a promotion campaign in mass media, the winning bakeries benefiting from more brand awareness and consumers gaining access to new types of bread.

GastroPan exhibition can be visited between 10:00 – 18:00, March 23-25 2017, in Sibiu, Romania. The exhibition will present the largest variety of products, solutions and technologies: from the latest equipment and technologies, ingredients and innovative accessories, IT solutions and products, professional hygiene solutions to packaging and utensils for cake decorating. For more information and access tickets visit www.gastropan.ro

For more information and pictures taken at the last editions of GastroPan visit www.gastropan.ro, or contact the organizers: tel. +40266-219.392, mobile +40787-677.310, +40733-313.043 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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